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An infusion of citrus cane sugar, jalepeno, lime, mint, kaffir lime leaves and juniper berries. Ok, we're not going to lie, this infusion packs a punch! We designed this for some friends of ours that just can't get enough heat in to every meal. By using only fresh ingredients and dehydrated ourselves, we can ensure the intensity of flavour we desired. It will supercharge any spirit and mixer combination and the longer you infuse, the more powerful the palate punch!

Jalapeño Joy Organic Infusion

  • Fill the Cottage Cocktails Craft Jar with the spirit of your choice.

    Refrigerate for 3 days to infuse.

    Shake daily to enable maximum infusion.

    After 3 days, shake well & strain.

    Add mixer of your choice or sip as is.


    *Infuse again for maximum value*

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