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After extensive testing, we are proud to launch our aptly named Rhubard and Ginger Cuddle. We've designed this infusion exclusively for the gin lovers, though it's equally delicious with any white spirit.  Using four simple ingredients with natural raw cane sugar, you'll notice several different flavours wash over your palate in the first ten seconds.


Firstly, you can expect a smack in the taste buds of ginger, providing a toned down warmth to the nostrils. As your palate settles, the undertone of rhubarb will come through and finish with the slightly sweet and floral delicacy of elderflower. The lemon provides a refreshing undertone throughout.


Using the best, locally sourced ingredients, we've adapted the quantities to provide the perfect palate-pleaser. Use a good quality tonic or mixer to ensure this unique flavour shines through.

Rhubarb & Ginger Cuddle

  • Fill the Cottage Cocktails Craft Jar with the spirit of your choice.

    Refrigerate for 3 days to infuse.

    Shake daily to enable maximum infusion.

    After 3 days, shake well & strain.

    Add mixer of your choice or sip as is.


    *Infuse again for maximum value*

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