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A beautiful infusion with citrus cane sugar, watermelon, hibiscus flowers, lime, cucumber and mint.  Refreshingly sweet yet crisp,and  perfect with tequila, vodka or gin. All ingredients are sourced fresh and dehydrated by us.


We wanted the water melon to be the star of the show as we felt the chemical additives and flavour enhancers in commecial products didn't do this wonderful fruit justice. This infuson is undeniably fruity and floral and will turn white spirits a beautiful cimson colour. The lime, cucmber and mint add a tartness to balance the natural sweetness of watermelon. 


Why not pair the Watermelon & Hibiscus Kiss with the Rhubard and Ginger Cuddle as part of a Duo Gift Set? The perfect pandemic present!

Watermelon & Hibiscus Kiss Cocktail Infusion

  • Fill the Cottage Cocktails Craft Jar with the spirit of your choice.

    Refrigerate for 3 days to infuse.

    Shake daily to enable maximum infusion.

    After 3 days, shake well & strain.

    Add mixer of your choice or sip as is.


    *Infuse again for maximum value*

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