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An infusion of citrus cane sugar, red grapefruit, lemon, lime, coriander seeds, kaffir lime leaves. We designed this infusion as we felt that commercially made gins with chemical-based grapefruit flavour enhancers didn't do the gin justice. Determined to crack this conundrum we sourced whole red grpefruits and lemons are dehydrated them ourselves. The resulting infusion provides a light and tart background taste without the stinging dry mouth sensation you find in commercially produced products. The coriander seeds and kaffir lime leaves balance the sourness of the grapefruit, lemon and lime providing a wonderfully refreshing taste, perfect for a warm summer evening or a cozy night beside the fire!


Grapefruit Zing Infusion

  • Fill the Cottage Cocktails Craft Jar with the spirit of your choice.

    Refrigerate for 3 days to infuse.

    Shake daily to enable maximum infusion.

    After 3 days, shake well & strain.

    Add mixer of your choice or sip as is.


    *Infuse again for maximum value*

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