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Cherryberry Blast

Cherryberry Blast is a wonderful infusion of cherries and berries, with an undertone of lime and basil to sharpen up the natural sweetness.

Infused with Vodka and served as a splash with Prosecco, its a wonderful replacement for Chambord and hits all the right notes with the sparkles from the Prosecco.

Cherryberry goes with all white spirits and is best served with a plain, good quality tonic water or diet lemonade.


Miami Mix-Up

Miami Mix-Up is a real crowd pleaser! The combination of fruits and coconut give this Infusion a tropical twist making it a summer BBQ favourite

Infused with White Rum and mixed with lemonade for the sweeter taste or alternatively a good quality tonic.

Or why not try infusing Tequila and adding a splash of tonic? Rub a touch of salt over the rim of your glass and enjoy the wonderful fruity flavours.

Maimi's best friend is vodka, you can add a mixture of fresh fruit juices to make a summer punch with a punch!


Jalapeño Joy

Designed for our friends who put chilli on their cornflakes, this infusion will kick you in the taste buds! 

Infuse with Tequila, Gin or Vodka, and your favourite mixer, sip, and wait ten seconds.......

The longer you infuse, the more intense the taste, you have been warned!

Cucumber Chill

Cucumber chill has been crafted primarily for the gin lover. Aiming for a classic Hendricks without using flavour enhanced tonics, we dehydrate our own fresh cucumbers, juniper berries and limes, then enhance with pink and black peppercorns that add a peppery bite to the gin.

Just add a good quality plain tonic and some crushed ice, nothing further required! 


Rhubarb & Ginger Cuddle

Rhubarb & Ginger Cuddle has been infused with Gordon's Gin and we have added Fever-Tree tonic water.

Simple but delicious!

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